Magnetic Bracelet
Magnetic bracelets have been a common sight on the wrists of top sportsmen and women for the last few years and are now being adopted by the rest of the population. Manufacturers claim all sorts of advantages to this sort of jewelry, but what do they really do?

Magnetic bracelets are not actually anything new. People were wearing hematite jewelry (famous for its magnetic properties) over a hundred years ago. In fact, it was considered an essential fashion item in many circles in Victorian England. They work by creating a static magnetic field.

Most of the supposed benefits are connected to the effect of a magnetic field on blood flow and pain relief. Some proponents also claim that the magnetic pulses reduce acidity in the body, which is known to have a positive effect on general health.

There have been several studies carried out on the efficiency of magnetic bracelets. So far, no absolute scientific link has been established either in terms of treatment or pain relief. So should you just forget about buying magnetic jewelry? The answer is probably no. There is a whole host of wearers out there who are convinced that it is beneficial. People are reporting improvement in day to day symptoms for ailments as diverse as arthritis and migraines.

There are also many who have seen real progress both in terms of balance and strength. Again, this is not something that has been proved scientifically, but when you see professional athletes wearing magnetic jewelry to perform, it certainly gives you food for thought!

Overall then, empirical evidence seems to suggest that it is at least worth giving it a try. Magnetic and hematite bracelets can be a fashion accessory too, so at the very least you can look good while testing out the powers of a static magnetic field for yourself. Who knows, perhaps you’ll join the millions who are already convinced by the benefits.

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