Walking barefoot on the beach or slipping on your favorite sandals may not seem a big deal to you but for some, it’s now just a distant dream. Toe Nail Fungal Infections may sound like something that wouldn’t change your life drastically, but it does. From the shoes you wear to the places you go to the people you interact with, this problem interferes with almost every aspect in your life!

Nail Fungal Infection is found most commonly on a persons toe nails , although it can affect fingernails as well. This is probably because our feet are often the most neglected parts of our body! However, Fungal Nail Infections can be quite painful and look just as bad so proper foot care is absolutely essential to avoid fungal infections.

Basically, a  Nail Fungal Infection is an infection, caused by a fungus, of the fingernail or toe nail. It is caused by a variety of reasons, from sharing towels to genetics. Some of the common causes of Nail Fungal Infection are

  • Improper foot hygiene
  • Heavy Perspiration
  • Tight and uncomfortable footwear
  • Socks and shoes that prevent ventilation
  • Problems with blood circulation in the feet.

The most visible of all symptoms of a fungal nail infection are yellow or white, discolored nails. These may then begin to distort in shape and become extremely brittle or crumbly and get separated from the nail bed. If the nail is separated from the nail bed and falls off, the remaining tissue may begin to emit a foul smell.

Doctors may prescribe one or both of two alternatives as far as treatment for Nail Fungal Infections is concerned. The first is an oral anti-fungal medication that a doctor may prescribed. Individuals with heart or liver problems are advised against this treatment. The most common side effect for this medication is drug interaction, though other effects like nausea or rashes may occur. Make sure you tell the doctor if you are on any medication when he prescribes this treatment. For individuals who cannot take oral antifungal medication, a topical treatment like a cream or a lacquer is an option. This does not work as fast as the oral medication but has fewer side effects.

Maintaining proper foot hygiene is an absolute must if you want to prevent Toe Nail Fungal Infections or stop them from recurring. Investing in an effective anti-fungal foot powder for your socks and shoes is a good idea. Don’t share towels with anyone, including you family. If you do get pedicures done, make sure you have a clean set of your own nail files and trimmers. Wear a clean pair of socks everyday . If you have feet that tend to perspire a lot, put some anti fungal powder in your socks to help keep them dry. Ensure your daily shoes don’t push your toes together too much , and if you have a favorite pair that does, make sure you wear them for as limited a duration as possible.

Proper care of your feet will save you not only from Toe Nail Fungal Infections but a variety of other feet related problems as well!

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